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E-Commerce & Distribution

Manage Orders

Track your all your orders - website, phone and sales rep - in one location using our BackOffice management tools. You'll wonder how you did without it before.

Track Inventory

Our purchase orders add inventory and then sales orders to deduct it, giving you real-time inventory levels for every product and total value on demand. FIFO or LIFO methods.

Shipping Integration

Setup your own pricing per product, zip code radius or weight. If that's not enough, you can use or UPS or Fedex API to calculate exact shipping for your customer.

Desktop & Mobile Versions

Desktop and mobile app versions of our distribution module allows your customers, office staff and sales team to keep working no matter what the device.

Real-Time Charts & Reports

Our dashboard controls use charts and reports to give you a quick means of monitoring your orders and overal sales performance.

Seamlessly Integrate with ADVISO A/R

Save time by converting sales orders into invoices with a single click. Track payments in ADVISO A/R and use our auto-emails to send statement reminders to your clients.

ADVISO, Inc. - Why not your company?

ADVISO Experience

For nearly 20 years, ADVISO consultants have been providing knowledge and experience to organizations from non-profits to small business and Fortune 500 Corporations.

ADVISO Innovation

Conceived as a database consulting firm in 1997, ADVISO has always advanced with the latest technology. From VisualBasic to the cloud and now to mobile, ADVISO has provided solutions with our underlying database expertice.


With a specific focus on Project and Job Management, we can integrate your office solution with an ADVISO CRM module to suit your needs and help you maintain control of your business processes with a centralized portal for your team.

Beyond CRM

Do you have a custom software need? Let our years of experience and vast library of code configure a cost effective solution for your organization to help streamline your operations with improved efficiencies.