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Posted 1/31/2013
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The ADVISO team announced today that we have become a member of the Michigan Business and Professional Association (MBPA).

The Michigan Business and Professional Association is a business trade organization that represents over 20,000 members who employ over 160,000 people throughout the State of Michigan. They are the fastest growing business association in the Midwest and are known for the service, education, advocacy, and solutions they provide their members.

"Joining the MBPA is an exciting and important step for ADVISO," said Ed Castor, Director of Business Development. "A key initiative for us is to support Michigan and its' businesses, which obviously aligns perfectly with the values of MBPA. Being able to interact directly with those who share the same mindset, while having the power of the Association's lobbying team acting on our behalf in Lansing, really opens up a new world for us."

For more information on the Michigan Business and Professional Association, please visit their website.

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